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About Me


Vivian Zhang



+1 508-654-1882

I design experiences and products to connect people in meaningful ways. I believe that good design is not about wireframes or pixels, but about navigating ambiguity to ask the right questions. I’m particularly interested in the intersection of social justice and technology and hope to make the world a more accessible and beautiful place.

As a rising Sophomore at Wellesley College and cross-registered student and researcher at MIT, I’m pursuing an interdisciplinary liberal arts education in Computer Science, Architecture, Art, and Design. Last summer, I was a Mobile Design Intern at Eyewire, a game to map the brain. I’m currently an Experience Designer at the MIT Mobile Experience Lab, where I work with a great team to design boundary-pushing experiences for corporate clients.

Outside of design, I can be found singing a cappella with the Wellesley College Tupelos, obsessively listening to NPR and This American Life, making new bento box recipes, exploring new cities (current favorites: Shanghai, Boston, Barcelona), and appreciating breakfast in all its forms.

My Design Process


Get out of the building. Observe. Ask questions. Walk a mile in someone’s shoes. Dig deeper. Empathize.


Brainstorm. Imagine. Defer judgment. Go wild. Build and evolve.


Prototype. Use all the tools: Framer.js, Sketch, Photoshop, InVision, Javascript, Python.


Put something in the hands of users. Watch. Ask questions. Do it all over again until it’s right.