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Welcome to NY, Taylor

An original Javascript game to drive Taylor Swift to New York by naming song titles


original illustration, design, and web development


Photoshop, HTML/CSS/Javascript/JQuery written from scratch


appx. 30hrs, Dec. 2015


deceptively difficult and intuitive web game, called “awesome” by many of my unbiased Facebook friends

One day at the height of Taylor Swift’s 1989’s popularity, my friends and I (who aren’t necessarily huge fans, but have grown up with her) noticed how many of her song lyrics contain references to cars and driving.

Spoiler alert: it’s a lot

So I decided to turn it into a game.

Final Design

TSwizzles, illustrated by me

Hello, Player! Meet Taylor.

Taylor Swift recently moved to New York. Now you can recreate her journey!

Drive Taylor 890 miles from Nashville, TN to Manhattan, NY by naming the song titles of her on-the-road lyrics. This is your chance to show off just how long you’ve loved her. Beware, expert album-hopping knowledge is required.

The Game

Bottom progress bar

Are we there yet? Just. how. close. is TSwizzles to New York? Important questions.

auto-selected Input field

No clicking around. Every second counts. This city doesn’t sleep.

Parallax animations

Implemented with layered PNGs, jQuery animations, and some good ‘ol math functions.


100% authentically handcrafted, just like New York’s $10 lattes.

Centered gameplay

Countdown and input field are smack in the middle. No distractions. Tunnel vision is expected on your single-minded quest to the Big Apple.


Implemented with Canvas. Congrats, Tay, you made it. Have a cronut.